Astro Fixed Aspects v4 (Anchors, Single Planet)

Author: earik
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Posting Date: 12/2/2008 Download Count: 134
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This script is an update or enhancement to Astro Fixed Aspect Multiples posted by earik on 11/24/2008.

Enhanced aspect script. Can use an anchor point to run aspects against. Can also
use a single planet's movement, rather than aspects between two planets.

new inputs:

use_both_planets: if true, caculates synodics in the same way as the previous
version. If false, only uses planet1 and tracks movement in the same way as the bar
counter tool.

anchor_year/month/day/time: these inputs allow you to specify an anchor date
where the aspects begin. This date does not have to be on the chart. Set these
values to -1 for pure astro cycles as in the previous versions.

User Comments:
1/15/2009 8:45:49 PM
Chad Badham
Excellent!  This script eliminates using another program to do the same thing.  Thanks so much!  Brad Cowan fans should really appreciate this one.
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