square scaling of charts

Author: Christoph Meissner
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Posting Date: 12/6/2008 Download Count: 531
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Helper script for square scaling.
The script tries to isolate average directional movement
and draws a rectangle around it
that can be used to confirm proper scale.

pls see http://www.wave59.com/idealbb/view.asp?topicID=2322
for detailed information

User Comments:
12/8/2008 7:38:08 PM
Peter Sugiono
Hi Feierabend,
                       Thank You for sharing your scripts. I tried using the squarescale helper indicator for Aussie Dollar to US$ chart where US$ 1.00 is currently AU$ 0.6621 and I got only Zero from your indicator. But if I used it on stock such as APPLE ( current price $99.2 ) it gives me a good squaring value of 0.66. Therefore I am guessing that your Squarescale helper does not show value lower than 3 decimal points. I appreciate it very much if you could extend the squaring value of the indicator to more than 3 decimal points for those of us who use it for forex charts.
        Thank You again for sharing such good scripts.

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