Round Big Numbers

Author: Earik Beann
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Posting Date: 4/6/2021 Download Count: 7
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This function allows rounding when numbers have too many significant digits

A W59 user pointed out that the built-in round( ) function doesnt work right with
numbers that have lots of digits. For example: 987654.1234567 rounded to 5
decimal places is going to give a wonky number. This script fixes that defect. Use it
as a drop-in replacement for round( ) until were able to roll out a new version.

User Comments:
8/17/2021 8:03:59 PM
Earik Beann
Note: this functionality has been built into W59 as of version 2.41, due to be released sometime in Q3 of 2021. This function will only be useful if you are running an earlier version than that.
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