I had a chance to watch the market this morning and saw something instructive enough to put up on this showcase page. What I was doing was following the progress of New York along the Square of Nine with the planetary overlay applied, and noticed that whenever the exchange hit an aspect of the Sun, we had a turning point. Here's what this looks like:

The sun is the red dot at the left near 260. The exchange is a red square at 244. The times that the exchange crosses the 45 degree aspect lines are marked on the chart and highlighted with a red square. All times are Mountain Time - add 2 hours to get Eastern. So we had nice moves at 7:41 and 8:08, which made me curious what would happen at 8:45 when the exchange squared the sun. I also noticed that the price level of 907-908 was directly on the sun line and that the market was headed in that direction. So this is what initially alerted me to a potential turning point. Of course, that's not enough to use in placing a trade, so the next step is to check the tools:

Note that there's a peak in the blue natal forecast line right at the projected turning point. It was early, but that tool isn't ever exactly on the minute and needs to be used as a setup rather than trigger device. The 9-5 Count generated a gold 5 right at 8:47, two minutes after we had our aspect, and the price level at this time was just over 908, which comes right off the square of nine. Also note the bearish divergence signal that was setting up. It wasn't there at 8:47, but came on the retest of the high and gave an excellent confirmation to our analysis.

In case you're wondering, I didn't write this on the trading computer so that's why the data is marked as delayed. I know I'll get a question about that, so I thought I'd just mention it here in the article. You can do all of this analysis in real time as things are happening. Here's what else I checked out:

Using points A, B, and C as marked on the chart, we can set up a Fibonacci Vortex to get price levels around this time. The vortex gave a price of about 908.50, and the important Fib ratio 1.27 was right there as well. So we've actually got three price projections in a very tight cluster here at the top. So we've got price and time together at this point, and once you see all that happening together you realize the tools are screaming to sell. You can see what happened on the chart above. The final thing to note is how the vortex actually gave you a second chance to sell it on that first reaction if you had missed the entry. By then, the divergence signal was solidly in place and all tools had given the green to go. The forecast said we needed to drop more, so this was a perfect spot to add to the position.

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