I was planning on trying to tone these showcases down for a few weeks to steer clear from some of the esoteric stuff, but unfortunately there was a really interesting comment posted in the discussion group that really got me going about the Square of Nine. So what the hell - here's some more about planets and numerology!

In the discussion group this morning, Jerry noticed that the Moon, Mars, and Pluto were all going to come together in Gann's Square of Nine today. Here's what he saw this morning:

Gann's Square of nine is simply a chart with numbers wrapping around a center digit as shown above. Wave59's unique feature is that planetary values can be plotted directly on this chart. The three planets in question are shown above and are marked. The blue line going from the center through Mars and Pluto is our "Planetary Action Line". The Moon is the olive dot shown at 323. It moves pretty fast, so during the day it's going to wrap around the chart and cross the action line. When this happens, the Square of Nine says that a certain vibration will be set up important to calling market turns. Let's fast forward to 1305 (Mountain Time) when this happened:

This is a much bigger Square of Nine, but the relationships are the same. We need a big one, because we're going to be talking about the mini S&P, and need to fit it on this chart along with the planets. This chart shows the 45 degree spokes applied to the chart. Each blue line is 45 degrees from the next line. Important things happen with the numbers when you go 90 degrees from any point, so the 45 degree lines are just a refinement of the basic method that may be described in other sources.

Back to the Moon. At 1305, you'll note that the Moon has lined up with the other two planets, setting up an important vibration along the 45 degree lines. That means that all of a sudden, all numbers along those spokes will be very important. Were they? Let's check out a chart:

This is a 4 minute bar chart of the last three days in the e-mini. The red vertical line at the right is at 1305. That's right when the Moon moved into position, and is the most obvious effect of the relationship. But there's a lot more.

Notice all the blue bar counts from the high. Those measure how many degrees (of rotation of the Earth) occurred between two particular points on the chart. If you take a look at the previous graphic, you'll see a bunch of red boxes displayed on the Square of Nine. These correspond to the degrees shown in the bar counter. So not only was the Moon doing something interesting by moving into a line with Mars and Pluto, there were a ton of cycles working themselves out at the exact same moment in time. All are exact to the bar except for one.

Finally, 1175 is also being hit by one of the spokes. It turns out that the high was at 1176.25.

So had you been watching your Square of Nine and diligently measuring distances on your chart, you could have pegged the price and time of today's high and made a nice short sale into the close. There were a ton of other things happening at this time to use as confirmation, but the sheer number of hits on the Square of Nine would have been enough in this case.

Old readers of this showcase know that I like to harp about combining non-correlated tools into a single method to pick trades. In a sense, Gann's Square is doing this. It provides a way to relate astrological conjunctions, time counts, and price together in a harmonious way. They all fit on the one pattern together, even though they're different quantities. When everything clicks into place, the market makes a turn. This is a good example to study, because there was so much happening in such an accurate way. If this all seems like a strange approach - make sure to go over this and see how everything fits together. It's worth the time to learn how to use this tool.



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