We've been so busy with our new forecasting service that it has been very difficult getting the new showcase page out. Last week we posted a second tutorial for the subscription service, so hopefully that was enough to tide everyone over temporarily. This showcase will be a little different than many of the previous versions, as you will shortly discover. Below is a chart of daily Soybeans:

The first thing you will notice is that this is not your typical TradeStation chart. It is actually taken from our custom end-of-day software, which does a much better job at plotting forecasts than commercially available charting packages. Even though everything looks a little different, you should be familiar with most of the tools. We have a 13 bar MA_Momentum curve at the top, MA_SlowK (Stochastics) at the bottom, and Exhaustion Bars as dots over the highs and lows.

We also have applied the blue forecast line, which is a relative of our intraday subscription service, but built with longer term cycles. This tool is still in development, but it often gives us very clear indications of what to expect the market to do next. It is not perfect, but there is an admittedly strong correlation between the forecast and the actual price data. Notice how we are currently sitting at a very interesting spot.

Lastly, we have some support/retracement levels that are drawn in green. These are based on some Gann techniques, and are good confirming indicators when used with the other tools listed above. Along with the Exhaustion Bars and the forecast, they helped identify January 28 as the top of the recent rally. We haven't moved down far enough yet to classify the upswing as officially over, but this one deserves to be watched closely. Things could get interesting. Stay tuned.


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