Wave59 Technologies
PowerUser Conference
April 24-26, 2009 - Mandalay Bay Casino, Las Vegas

If you've been trading with Wave59 for any length of time, you know that it contains tools and techniques that vastly outperform the competition. As a result of this, and due to the nature of some of these tools, Wave59 has attracted a community of highly skilled professional traders. I am continually amazed at not only the quality of work I see from these traders (and the profits some of them make!) but also their willingness to share their knowledge with others. Those of you who have visited the bulletin board, especially some of the private boards, have witnessed the rare gem that is the Wave59 community.

Up until now, this community has existed in cyberspace, split between the forum, the chat room, and various email lists that members maintain among themselves. The Market Esoterica conference in 2006 provided a great way to network with other traders with a similar approach, and we've decided to go one step further in April with our first ever PowerUser Conference, where I've invited some of the traders who have been on Wave59 since the early days to come and present some of their tools and techniques.

Check out the alphabetical speaker list below, and some of the highlights of what will be presented:

David Adair, aka BlackJet

Out of all the Wave59 users I know, David has done the most original research into expanding and fine tuning the Natal Forecast to increase it's accuracy and predictive power. In this talk, David will discuss his unique approach in how he uses current planetary weather to determine how to set up the Natal Forecast for maximum effect. Learn how to find the hot planets in the day, how to use them to create accurate timing cycles via the Natal Forecast, how to find the correct harmonics of the day (and to know when they will change), as well as instructions for locating key price levels that the forecasted turns will happen at.

Earik Beann

Earik is the founder of Wave59 Technologies, and the developer behind all of the proprietary tools in the software. He has authored the Handbook of Market Esoterica, Techniques of an Astrotrader, plus many other books and articles. He'll be speaking four times in the conference, with topics such as:

Intraday Astronumerology

In the Handbook of Market Esoterica, Earik presented his astronumerology system for the first time. This method used resonance and number cycles to forecast turning points in the future on daily charts. In this conference, Earik will unveil the second half of the Astronumerology system, which can be used for intraday trading. This technique provides a method to measure overall market polarity, which can be used to pinpoint the major trending moves of the day. Using advanced software that will *only* be released to conference attendees, you'll be able to tell, at a glance, what time the market will begin trending, and what time that trend will end. After learning this technique, you'll be able to pinpoint the time of day to get into a big move, and the time to get out.

Etheric Planets - The Key to Unscrambling Modern Astrology

In presenting his Theory of Relativity, Albert Einstein did away with the concept of Ether in Physics, a statement he recanted in his later years. Since then, Physicists have been split into two camps, one side maintaining Einstein's early idea that there was no ether, and a smaller group maintaining the original idea that there was an ether after all. Working from the perspective of markets and astrofinance, Earik has worked backwards to discover that there actually is an ether, has managed to unravel some of it's properties, and has figured out how to use it to time the stock market. In this presentation, Earik will reveal his cutting-edge research on ether, which explains the physical mechanism by which planetary positions can influence events on Earth, and includes all the pieces and parts necessary to construct a highly profitable 100% mechanical trading system. Learn about the amazing Lunar cycle, examine profitable backtest results for over 50 different signatures, receive QScript code to duplicate and expand on this research, and learn the rules to Earik's automatic ether-based trading system. Earik will also reveal the connection between 1929, 1987, and 2007 crash tops - a pattern incredibly easy to see, yet perfectly hidden without the etheric key.

Roulette Systems and Card Cycles

This conference is in Las Vegas, so what better venue to present some interesting cross-over research? Earik will present research on using the energy model described in Techniques of an Astrotrader to forecast roulette results, as well as a technical roulette system he has used to repeatedly take money out of the casinos. This may not tell you what the ES will do tomorrow, but it can be used to pay for your room (and possibly the entire conference) during your time in Vegas. You will also learn some of the interesting secrets encoded into a standard deck of playing cards. Believe it or not, playing cards actually represent a solar calendar, and can be used to predict events in the future in the same way (but more accurately) than modern astrology. Learn how the day of the year, fed through this 5000+ year old calculator, can produce extremely accurate support and resistance numbers for daytraders!

Ken Churchill

Ken has been on Wave59 as long as anyone, is a master of QScript, and was the host of a private Wave59-based chat room for a number of years. He is a professional trader and is currently involved in trading a private fund. Ken will be presenting two different topics during the conference:

Using Logarithmic Spirals in Wave59

Ken will explain what Logarithmic spirals are, where they are found in nature, and how they can be used to forecast Bond futures prices. He will go over everything required to use these powerful tools, including how to scale charts properly for spirals, rules to use to set spiral "hotspots" up properly, how to tune spirals to best forecast future turning points, and then will go over a number of trading examples in the ZB contract.

Illustrating a Square of Nine Technique for the ES

The Square of Nine is probably the most famous of Gann's tools, and Ken will not only provide an introduction to this tool, but will walk through how to relate price movement to angular rotation in the SQ9, how to set anchor points up, and how to prepare target price support and resistance levels. He will share how he has used QScript to automate finding support and resistance levels using the Square of Nine, and will review example SQ9 targets over a number of consecutive days, as well as basic trading strategies to use with this powerful tool.

Neall Concord-Cushing

Neall is the author of Secrets of Trading and Making Money, Secrets of the Law of Vibration, and a number of other related works found in the Wave59 bookstore. He has done a great deal of work in geometry, natural law, and the Law of Vibration, and you may have seen some of his charts and market calls on the bulletin board forum. Neall will share his unique style of market analysis and psychological insight as he discusses the Law of Vibration as it applies to freely traded markets. Specifically, Neall will discuss the essential keys of the Law of Vibration, how to use the Law of Vibration to develop a trading system that has an absolute guarantee of success, and how to use the Law of Vibration to precisely forecast future events.

GFish (aka g<><)

An exceptionally skilled trader, GFish is a regular at the chat room and forum. He is one of those traders that is not afraid to post his trades in real time, and consistently contributes extremely thought-provoking charts and research to the forum. He is especially active in the Market Esoterica community, and has done a great deal of original research into natural law as it governs markets. GFish hasn't told us yet what he intends to present, but has agreed to speak on condition of anonymity. You've seen his calls on the forum and chat room (and have likely been amazed), so don't miss this opportunity to meet and learn from him in person!

Barrie Hetirachi

Barrie is a professional trader, long time Wave59 user, and is one of the world's foremost experts on using ellipses to locate turning points. In this talk, Barrie will discuss how he uses ellipses to trade the S&P on both daily and intraday charts. You will learn all about how to scale charts properly to use ellipses, how to find the correct ellipse scale for any market, and how to properly place ellipses on your chart (and be 100% sure that you've done it right). More importantly, learn how to tell when an ellipse will hold, and when it won't. Barrie will also discuss using these powerful patterns to measure the vibration of a market, as well as the hidden ellipse in Gann's square of 144. These ellipse techniques work on any market and time frame, and will make you an expert in locating high probably change in trend times.

Jonn Millarkie

Jonn is the newest member of the team at Wave59, and has spent the last 3 years working on an extensive statistical study of planetary effects on the Dow Jones Industrials. He presented an introduction to this research study in the online Tradersworld conference, and will go into even more depth here. Jonn has collected statistical data on the effect of planets at every single degree of the zodiac (hotspot analysis) as well as on synodic cycles combining planetary pairs (aspect analysis), which tells you what planetary bias to expect on any given trading day. Combining all the biases together results in the "blue line" forecast graph, which uses all the individual cycles to map the expected movement of the Dow in the future. All seminar attendees will receive a copy of the Blue Line forecast that can be used as an overlay in Wave59 or other charting programs.


This is just a touch of the material that will be presented at this conference, and as you can see, it's quite a bit different than the standard trader's expos you may have attended in the past! I've been to a lot of seminars, conferences, and trade shows, and I've never seen this many skilled traders together talking about these types of tools. Most of these traders have no intention of ever releasing these tools publicly outside of this community, and many of them are presenting their material for the first time ever, so this event is shaping up to be something special!

We've only done one event like this in the past (the Market Esoterica seminar), so these kinds of opportunities are few and far between. We prefer quality programs over quantity, and this conference will be no exception. If you've been involved with Wave59 and have been wanting to network and meet other like-minded traders, now is your chance! This event is not being marketed anywhere outside this community, so it should be a very close, very friendly group of people.

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The conference will be held at the Mandalay Bay Casino, and they have reserved a block of rooms for conference attendees at a reduced rate, which they will hold for us until March 25. Sign up online by visiting this link, or call them at 877-632-9001 and tell them you are coming to the Wave59 PowerUser Conference.

Tentative Schedule:

Friday, April 24
Saturday and Sunday, April 25-26

7:00pm - Meet and Greet
If you are in town Friday night, come down and have a drink courtesy of Wave59 Technologies! This will be an informal get-together where you can chat with the presenters and fellow attendees and gab about markets. If your flight gets in late, don't worry about it, but if you're around, come on down and meet the gang!




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