Author: Earik Beann
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This script is a wrapper for the astro(...) QScript function, which will give easy
access to many different kinds of astronomical data.

This information also exists at the top of the script, when you open it up in the
QScript Editor:

You can use this to track the speed of a planet, the distance, etc
using planet = astro_moon, and what = astro_dist, and geo = true
it will plot distance from earth to moon, giving you apogee/perigee info

use the following inputs:
planet = what planet you want to track
what = this can be, among other things:
astro_dist, the distance from the Sun/Earth in AU
astro_longspeed, the speed of longitude change in degrees/day
astro_distspeed, the speed of distance change in AU/day
astro_raspeed, the speed of right ascension change in degrees/day
geocentric = set to true for geo, false for helio
ahead_bars = how many bars ahead of price to plot

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