NatalForecast High-Low Solver

Author: Earik Beann
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Posting Date: 1/21/2020 Download Count: 30
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This is an example script to demonstrate how to solve for the maximum and minimum
values in the Natal Forecast. It is meant to show how to do this for people who want
to take this functionality and build it into their own systems, etc.

The script will wait until the very first bar of the day, then will loop through every bar
on the coming day and will call the NatalForecast function, solving for the highest
and lowest values. Vertical lines will be drawn on those bars. This could also be
done at the previous close so you can see the results before the next open. Note
that many times the high/low value will occur at the open or close, so you may wish
to look for local minima/maxima instead.

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