Planet Conjunct Degrees in File

Author: Earik Beann
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Posting Date: 8/31/2018 Download Count: 26
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This script will read a text file that contains a list of degrees, then will plot vertical
lines whenever a particular planet passes over one of those degrees.

Two important notes:

1) The "ahead" input tells the script how many bars to examine to the right of the
most current bar. Set this to some big number, but not so big that you wipe out all
your history. The default is 100, which means youll see lines plotted up to 100 bars
to the right of the current bar.

2) If you want to look for 0 degrees, add both a 0 and a 360 to your file. Depending
on how the numbers line up, you can miss a line if you only use one and not both.

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