Bollinger Bands Signal with Retention

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This is the same logic as the Bollinger Bands Trading System but is in function form
so you can easily add it to an existing merged voting trading system.

This function should be called from a merged voting trading system. It returns
a +1, +2, -1 or -2 depending on the mode used and criteria that generated

Rather than use a separate exit strategy for profit and loss, it instead has a signal
retention variable that determines how long the buy or sell signal will exist after it was

This was found to yield better results while adding to a merged voting system of my

If before the signal retention runs out it generates the same signal, it will reset and
start from the beginning.

If the opposite signal is generated before it runs out, it will return the new signal and
the counter will be reset.

Example: Signal retention is set to 10 bars and the lower bollinger band is hit and
generates a buy signal. Two bars later it hits lower bollinger again so buy signal is
reset and it begins counting to 10 bars again. Then 7 bars later, the upper bollinger
is hit and a sell signal is generated. It begins counting to 10 bars again and
assuming another bollinger is not hit, will begin to return 0 after 10 bars.

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